Thursday, January 28, 2010

iPad thoughts

Well, the big announcement was yesterday. Apple introduced it's new tablet PC called the iPad. It's a big iPod Touch but it's NEW! and IMPROVED! and 'truly magical'.  Sounds like they've stolen from the Obama campaign. Steve Jobs was happy to compare his tablet with God's. No problem with pride there. Of course, when Moses came down from the mountain with the tablets he found his market had moved on to something else while he was gone.

Watching the Apple promotional videos let me know pretty quickly it's not something I'll be hankering for anytime soon. My Palm T|X and my Toshiba laptop are a better combination for my life. The big downside to the iPad is you HAVE to hold it. No kickstand of any kind to let it sit on the table so you can read and eat breakfast or type with both hands. Not one woman in the promo videos. Maybe these geeks don't know any and that may explain why no one clued them into the fact that women have an alternative definition for 'pads'.*

I'll admit I didn't watch the entire more than one hour keynote speech by Jobs but scrolling through didn't reveal anyone dropping the iPad from the table top to show 'it keeps on ticking', demonstrating its scratch resistance or showing how it'll survive spilled lattes or Apple Kool-aid but then maybe I missed its auto hovering capability and force field defense.

The fact that they seem to think that iPad users will be reading the NY Times, Time Magazine and Ted Kennedy's autobiography seems just the icing on the 'PASS' cake.

Hat tip: Julie

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