Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Firetrap shuttered

An update from District 5 resident and local attorney Jamie Hollin regarding the firetrap at 837 Cleveland Street. You may remember this is the property that was illegally turned into a quadplex. The owner, Charles R. (Friday) Blackwood, with over-and-above help for her campaign donor from CM Pam Murray (District 5-East Nashville), petitioned the Planning Commission to retroactively spot zone it so it would be in compliance and Blackwood could continue to rent it as a quadplex. Instead of teaching Blackwood and every slum lord in Nashville a lesson the Planning Commission (Mr. Ponder moved and Mr. Gotto seconded) approved this change 7-0-1 (Gee abstained) and moved it on to the Metro Council for their approval. BL2009-429 is currently scheduled for public hearing on Juy 7, 2009.

In the meantime the Environmental Court via Judge Jim Todd ordered Charles R. (Friday) Blackwood "to cease and desist" using the property contrary to Metro Codes, secure the property, paint the boards in a manner consistent with the exterior of the property and allow no one to enter the premises. After years of thumbing his nose at the laws of this city he's finally complied.

If CM Pam Murray (District 5-East Nashville) doesn't pull BL2009-429 before July 7, let's hope the Metro Council puts and end to Blackwood's scawflaw* scofflaw ways by voting against this bill.

*Hat Tip to Sheridath Blackwood for the spelling correction.

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Buckley said...

That July 7 Council meeting is going to be a doozie for zoning and codes issues: the LED sign bill is up, Bed and Breakfast legislation.

It's good that the court did its job of enforcing codes.

Seymour B said...

Blackwood and Murray need to realize that the people's voice will be heard on the 7th. East Nashville will show up for our overwhelming disagreement with his lack of concern for our community and laws that protect our properties.