Tuesday, April 22, 2008

It's holiday time again

Ben Cunningham's mail from State Sentor Joe Haynes (D-Nashville) included this 'invitation' to take a sales tax holiday. Ben wonders where his notice about tax hikes got to. I got a similar invitation last year but haven't received this year's version. I remain less than impressed. As I said last year:

Sen. Haynes, I've been running a household budget for six some 20+years now. I've figured out that a savings of .0975 is rarely something to get all excited about. A sale of 10% at any store doesn't even get my attention. Usually, with careful shopping, stocking up and checking competitive ads (normal SOP around here) I can save much more than that. .0975% isn't worth driving up to Rivergate to fight the crowds of folks who think that this is a good deal. Especially when the state taxes me 21.4 cents per gallon to drive up there.

Frankly, I'm offended by this slick oversized announcement of your largess. I'd like REAL tax relief instead.


Meredith said...


(Though I did stock up on diapers at Big Lots last year!)

Jane said...

That's how I feel about the $600 from the feds this year. It's actually a lot of money for me, but when I look at the long term effects of the high price of fuel on the prices of goods over time, I wish they would put the $ to some real financial plans for this nation and for our world.

Kay Brooks said...

You're right. That $600 is a drop in the bucket and doesn't do much more than prove who holds OUR purse strings.

My trip to Sam's Club yesterday was a shocker and I expect that fuel prices had a lot to do with the many price increases I had to put into my Handy Shopper software.

TCPR's pork report comes out today...we'll find out where they spent the money we'd have foolishly wasted on home repairs, curriculum or diapers. ;-)

Anonymous said...


Unfortunately, considering our options, it doesn't look like November is going to bring anything but more Government spending and social programs!