Thursday, December 07, 2006

Then what's an 'R' mean?

Tennessee State Senator Mike Williams (R-Maynardville) is likely to vote for the 'D' side of the aisle and it appears he'll get a walk by the 'R's' if today's City Paper is to be believed.

[Sen. Diane Black (R-Hendersonville)] said she doesn’t believe that GOP Senators have the authority to punish fellow Republican lawmakers who don’t the party line for Senate Speaker.
Does getting to use that 'R' on a ballot have no requirements at all? There should be some things are are non-negotiable in using that 'R'--not voting for your own team to be in power when it has the majority of the players in the game being the biggie. C'mon, R's we need some solid leadership here and shrugging your shoulders and saying you're powerless to stop this isn't going to cut it. He should not be allowed to get away with this twice.

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