Saturday, December 02, 2006

Consider all the calls

A comment at the City Paper regarding the balanced calendar shouldn't be overlooked. "dec" reminded folks that a huge number calls were 'answered' but no vote was recorded. "dec" is correct in stating that if the balanced calendar was an important issue to them they most likely would have voted for it. The fact that they didn't vote for it shouldn't be hidden in a shuffle of the numbers thrown out in the Friday news dump. So here's a chart showing all the calls and all the responses as reported by MNPS for another, and important, perspective.


Anonymous said...

So by that standard, are people who don't vote in any election satisfied with the status quo? That's some pretty shaky logic.

Anonymous said...

mnb...: This same issue was raised on a board at the Nashville Scene. As I said there, in an election, people who don't care never get to the polling booth. In this instance, these 19,000+ people took the call, the equivalent of being in the voting booth. For these people, pushing the button for "no preference" and simply hanging up were functionally the same. The old line "refusing to decide is a decision" applies here. Of the people contacted, 50.5% had no opinion, it was not a burning issue, and that ought to be one factor in making a final decision.

Kay Brooks said...

Here's the link to Bruce Barry's number crunching at the Nashville Scene.

Just a reminder, I consider the Scene to be an adult publication. You never know what ad will appear in the sidebar.