Saturday, October 14, 2006

WKRN blog overview correction

For the second time in this fledgling WKRN effort at a weekly blog overview I've been quoted. Thanks WKRN.

However, in this weeks' edition what I wrote and what Brittany Gilberts says I wrote are not the same. Thankfully my words are on the screen as she reads so I caught it. So, for those folks who were only listening let me make a correction.

What Brittany said I said:

"She says that only 40% of the teachers in the Metro union were allowed to vote..."
What I wrote and what was on the screen:
"40% of the Metro teachers aren't union members and didn't even get a chance to vote on this proposal..."
We don't actually know how many of the union members were or were not allowed to vote or actually voted. We do know that only 60% of the teachers in Metro Nashville are union members. Understandably, the other 40% don't get to vote in MNEA elections.

She begins the section on the MNEA vote at :53 and the misquote begins at 1:07.

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