Friday, October 13, 2006

Incentive revote?

The City Paper has late breaking news that the teacher's union and the BOE are going back to the negotiating table to discuss the incentive plan for Alex Green and Inglewood Elementary that was voted down a week ago by an unknown number of union employees.

In a letter mailed Thursday, Merritt agreed to sit back down with the school board as soon as MNEA chief negotiator, vice president Erick Huth, could schedule a meeting.
I suggest they both find some time this coming week so they have some legitimate answers for their membership for their Thursday, October 19 meeting. That'll probably mean Mr. Huth is out of class again. I hate that for the children. (He really needs to commit to one team or the other.)
Gary Hughes, a Two Rivers Middle School teacher and MNEA member, is challenging the union’s vote and has told Merritt to expect discussion on the issue at the body’s upcoming Oct. 19 meeting.

“She knows it’s coming because I told her that I was going to force this issue at the meeting next Thursday,” Hughes said.

Hughes wants the MNEA to take another vote after properly informing all members of the organization about the grant proposal.

“I’ve suggested that we have another vote after all the MNEA members have been educated on this issue,” Hughes said. “The problem was there was no education on this issue.”
Thank you, Mr. Hughes. I appreciate your leadership in this.

I would hope that part of the education process would include actually hearing a presentation from the Nashville Alliance for Public Education and the BOE so that these teachers are getting more than the MNEA viewpoint. I would also hope that they'd consider the wishes of the non-MNEA personnel that will also be impacted by the MNEA vote.

Hat tip: Ben C.

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