Monday, January 30, 2006

TN Student Health Act

SB2494 by *Ketron. (*HB2522 by *Baird, *Johnson P.)

Education - Enacts the "Tennessee Student Health Act." - Amends TCA Title 49, Chapter 50.

This bill creates a council in every LEA, requires the council to develop a plan, assess the district in compliance every year with the help of the local health department, and requires 150 minutes of physical acitvity for K-5 and 225 minutes for 6-8 graders per week. High schoolers are, apparently, allowed to sit on their duffs. It doesn't leave school districts entirely in the lurch financially as the state DOE is required to hire a physical education coordinator and it'll be their job to help LEA's find the money for this effort. It doesn't say who is responsible for finding the time.

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