Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Video feeds done right and wrong

Let me make it absolutely clear that I'm very thankful for streaming video being available. It makes my job much easier to be sure. But Nashville's Council, committees and Board of Education are far behind where they could be in this effort. Compare the quality of the video from Metro Nashville's legislative body and the one from the State of Tennessee. Nashville's is just pitiful.

Further, the state has a copy of the agenda right next to the video that you can easily scroll through as you watch the session. With Metro you have go get the agenda, open that in a new browser window and then watch the live stream in a different window.

Also note the vast difference in size between the state video and Nashville's video. I've got aging eyes and viewing the Nashville video on-line is very tiring. Too many details, like who voted which way, are muddy and fuzzy.

Unlike the state's video which allows viewing of the entire session at any time Nashville's video is aired several times a week via Metro 3 and then archived in 15 minute +- sections with no indication of what portion of the agenda is in each section. The BOE's video I consider even worse because the lighting is so bad. If you're black your face too often disappears completely.

I don't know if Metro's streaming is so poor because it's not a priority for the city or it's a money issue. If it's a money issue, I'll be patient. But if it's just lack of priority--let's do better. Considering all the talk about wanting Nashville to be a first class city maybe it would help if our on-line visitors could 'see' that clearly demonstrated.

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