Sunday, May 03, 2009

Thank you, Billy Graham

Pat Boone was in church today. That's not unusual. What was was his taking the pulpit and introducing the video below. A song and video tribute to an American hero. Boone shared that several years back two famous women died during the same week in 1997. The life and death of the simple woman serving in Calcutta was completely overshadowed by the death of an English royal by marriage who died tragically as a result of our insatiable "People Magazine" culture. Boone didn't want that overshadowing to happen again and so decided that it would be best to 'give honor to whom honor is due' while the honoree was still alive. I agree. You can view the details of this effort at the website or see Boone explain the project via this YouTube video.

So here's the touching collaborative musical tribute to a man who during some of America's most turbulent times spent his life sharing the simple and profound Good News: God loves you.

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Rob said...

I had the great privilege to meet Billy Graham in 1973 at the Presbyterian General Assembly in Fort Worth, TX. His father-in-law, L Nelson Bell had just finished the year serving as moderator of the PCUS. Billy spoke to the full general assembly and then had a smaller meeting with all of the youth delegates. There were about 20-30 of us and he was most gracious and generous with his time. When you spoke with him, he gave you his entire attention, and you could tell he was really listening. Very patient, very warm, very encouraging to all of us.
Some of us got to talk to Ruth (his wife) and we asked about Billy's affiliation with the Baptists, while she and her family were so prominent in the Presbyterian Church. She acknowledge that yes, Billy was still a Baptist, but they were still hoping he would eventually come around!

What a great tribute! What a great man Billy is. Surely he will shortly hear, "well done, thou good and faithful servant."