Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Never say never

Here's a screen shot from the City Paper this morning regarding the Nashville convention center debate.

May 14: "Smart money says no such transparency web site is created."

And just 4 days later on May 18: "Music City Center project could soon have a transparency Web site so those interested can track revenues as they come in, along with an itemization of expenditures."

Kudos to Councilman Eric Crafton. Smart money shouldn't automatically bet against him.

UPDATE: and on May 20: "Crafton was more successful with an amendment calling for a "transparency Web site" detailing revenues for the project and expenses during the "pre-development" and land acquisition stages. The council approved that change, 35-4. Dean's administration and the Metro Development and Housing Agency, which is spearheading the convention center project, have until Aug. 1 to get the Web site up and running." (From the Tennessean)

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