Monday, May 11, 2009

Uncle Milty?

Seriously? I thought Uncle Milty was dead and this schtick went with him. The photos on the Hawkins County GOP website show gubernatorial candidate Zach Wamp at a womanless fashion show. Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey and Mayor Bill Haslaam were also in attendance but managed to stay out of the photographers viewfinder or paid off the webmaster to leave them off the site. So they're at least one up on Wamp.

Gentlemen, please. Can we move on and act like adults in the 21st Century ready to lead a state instead of members of the Texaco Star Theater circa 1966?

HT: AC Kleinheider


N.S. Allen said...

I'm not sure what the weirdest part of this story is - the fact that the county party thought this was a good idea or the (apparent) fact that it went off without a hitch and, indeed, with photo ops.

Color me perturbed.

TV Fritz said...
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