Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Duly, legally and constitutionally elected

Lt. Governor Ramsey should not ask for my vote for governor and the chance to take that oath of office again if he cannot honor the oaths he took on January 13, 2009. He was 'duly, legally and constitutionally' elected. Tennessee's judges should also be 'duly, legally and constitutionally elected'.

The Tennessee plan clearly 'lessens and abridges [citizen] rights and privileges' in direct contradiction to the oath every legislator took. Let the Tennessee plan die. If some want to change the Tennessee Constitution they should start by filing a legislative bill and not by continuing to enable the usurping of the rights of citizens because they can.

It's time for Lt. Gov. Ramsey, and Gubernatorial Candidate Ramsey, to show us his ability to lead this state and that unlike another prominent legislator he can be trusted to fulfill his promises.

For more information on this very important issue:
http://JudicialReformCoalition.org and
Terry Frank

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Mr Turnbow said...

Kay, Ramsey lost my vote as well. I dont see what the GOP senate majority finds so offensive about electing judges. In Alabama for example with the exception of Moore they've elected very qualified and conservative justices to their state courts. Oh well...I guess its down to Haslam for me.