Saturday, May 02, 2009

The right kind of change

Great overview of the current braying by the Rutherford County Democrat Party over Rep. Donna Rowland's (R-Murfreesboro) record of not voting on most resolutions that do nothing but waste time, cost money and curry the favor of future voters and donors. The RCDP is calling her "one of the worst legislators on Capitol Hill" all because a vast majority of the House's business to this point (thanks to Newbie Speaker Kent Williams) has been comprised of many non-legislative pieces of legislation and Rowland has decided she's had enough. Do they seriously think she's worse than Ophelia ("What your saying ain't hitting on nothing with me") Ford (D-Memphis)?

I think the Blue Collar Muse has it nailed down when he writes:

I think Donna Rowland ought to be commended, not crucified. She’s made an about face for very principled reasons. Is she perfect? Nope. Is she right on this matter? Absolutely. If I cannot let her change for the better, then I cannot expect that same grace to be extended to me. But when did Real Life ever matter in politics?
Too many folks will not allow for a legitimate change of mind. It's not possible, in their world, for folks to obtain additional facts or experiences that would lead to a reasonable reconsideration of a POV. According to them your first utterance about an issue is set in stone until your death. I tend toward believing that a change of mind can be growth and can be a sign of maturity...not hypocrisy.

Though, I'm not sure that's the case with Arlen Spector D~R~D-Pennsylvania.

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