Monday, March 16, 2009

Uppity women

So Mark Albertini thinks TN GOP Chair Robin Smith has forgotten her place.

I believe the Bible teaches that a woman’s primary concern should be to stay at home and take care of her husband, her children and her home. I do not see the public arena generally as a place for a Christian woman to be.
Keyword here is GENERALLY. When the woman is the one with {ahem} a pair ...what else can you do but elect her?

So Mr. Albertini...what do you say about Deborah or Esther of old? If they hadn't stepped outside of their 'place' where would Israel be now? And maybe, just maybe, MR. & Mrs. Smith have agreed that her political activity IS the best way for her to take care of their family?

Has Mr. Albertini even read Proverbs 31? Oh, wait, he's got a J.D. & and M.Div. That explains a lot. Generally JD's and MDiv's are law lovers to the ith degree. While they study the jot and tittle and argue about the meaning we uppity women are going to get the job done--with our husband's blessing.

Hat tip: AC Kleinheider


Buckley said...

Isn't he the guy that ran for governor and got arrested for public intoxication and arguing with police? Christian values? What nerve.

Kay Brooks said...