Friday, March 06, 2009


Do our actions have consequences anymore? People buy more house than they can afford and Obama steps in and takes money from our family budget to pay their note and/or the golden parachute of the mortgage company CEO.

Half of Obama's administrative team doesn't pay their taxes and they get a do-over. One of them even gets to be head of the IRS.

American auto manufacturers have been mismanaged and we're told 'they're too big to fail'.

I'm with Jim Bryson on this one:

"I feel bad for people who will lose their jobs. However, GM has been uncompetitive for a long time. When the government doesn't allow non-competitive businesses to die, it undermines our economic system. It is time to allow GM to go into bankruptcy. If they can work out their issues and emerge, more power to them. If not, let more competitive company take over their assets and employees."
All this protection of people with bad judgment has got to stop. The School of Hard Knocks has plenty of desks available. It's time for some folks to begin learning their lessons.

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