Monday, March 02, 2009

Add enough dozens together

Looks like the folks at Channel 5 need to head back to kindergarten and learn to count. Their recent report on the Nashville Tea Party starts with:

NASHVILLE, Tenn. - Dozens of people gathered downtown to protest President Obama's nearly $800 billion stimulus package.
And then in introducing the video piece the anchor calls it a "large crowd". Which was it?

The Village Voice folks, you know our sophisticated betters in New York, are only too happy to report the 'dozens' number in their coverage of the Tea Parties and ignore the hundreds number that come closer to confirming the announced attendance of 600.

I saw hundreds there. Even a cursory look at the Channel 5 report would certainly confirm more than 'dozens'. I know the number battle happens every time there is a rally. All the more reason our local news outlets should be more careful.

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Wendy said...

They're stretching the truth on this one, they make it appear that there were 24-36 people at the Tea Party. I was there and it was more than that; there were hundreds of people. And, there are many more who couldn't get there on such a short notice. Channel 5 is either dreaming or asleep. wendy