Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Planting Character

I know posting's been lite lately. I've felt bad about that. There have been some great education things that I would love to have commented on. Thankfully, Ben's posted several of them. I got to hear Rep. Zach Wamp (my husband thinks that a great name for a band, btw), I attended the Davidson County Republican Convention, Councilman Mike Jameson (East Nashville/downtown) seems to have become Emily Latilla regarding riverfront development, MNPS BOE member Ed Kindall (District 7-Downtown-Glencliff) is still getting a free pass from his fellow BOE members (and likely the local bar's ethics committee), the legislature is in session and the hits just keep coming as they say. However, my first community needed some additional organizing and due to the current 'economic situation' (I'm trying to be nice here) we've decided to put in a garden for the first time in about 10 years. So time I would have ordinarily spent pounding the keyboard has had to be shared with garden tasks.

I am thankful we have land to grow food on, that we’re not among the unemployed, and that we have a great network of folks who care about us. I’ll also keep in mind Rep. Susan Lynn’s post comparing our own current difficulties with The Great Depression. They had it rough. We're mostly spoiled and lazy in comparison. So we're picking up a shovel and planting some character this spring. Hopefully, by fall we'll have a bountiful harvest.


din819go said...

I am starting my garden too. Need to get another bed in and get the seeds started. Just under four more weeks and we can put things outside!!

Kay Brooks said...

We dug out the cold frame last night. We'll be making newspaper pots to start seedlings in today. Great use of the Tennessean, btw. ;-)