Friday, March 06, 2009

287 Gee we didn't think that would happen

Sheriff Daron Hall took a lot of grief for daring to explain this 287g program to identify and deport illegals to some citizens Hate group or not...they still pay his salary and he's sworn to protect them too. They shouldn't be denied the same opportunity to hear from their public servant as the rest of us. Now we've got folks all up in arms because lawMAKERS didn't write the law specifically enough and sheriff's across the country are making no distinction about how illegal the illegal immigrants are.

The program, referred to as 287g, was intended to get dangerous criminals off the streets — primarily those who commit violent crimes, human smuggling, gang/organized crime activity, sexual-related offenses, narcotics smuggling and money laundering, according to the report.
Sheriff Hall is to be commended in identifying and dealing with these law breakers in our city. It's not his fault that lawMAKERs didn't do their job and enumerate just what they wanted.

These police officers just take 'em as they come. Does anyone seriously think they're overlooking the violent for the pregnant without a license? No. The officer witnesses careless driving and thanks to the great stats that Chief Serpas and his staff keep we know that some 25% of the time they pull people over for minor traffic incidents there's a warrant outstanding or some illegal circumstance. They were right to stop her. She took a chance on entering illegally. She took a chance in driving without a license. She lost and she has suffered, no doubt. But now she's a martyr for the cause of those who do not honor the rule of law--despite their own oaths to uphold it.

Hat Tip Truman Bean

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