Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Open Letter to Matt Collins

Davidson County Republican Party candidate for Chairman Matt Collins responded to my post about the caucus and convention. You can read his comments at: http://kaybrooks.blogspot.com/2009/03/dcrp-convention.html . While Collins invites me to query him via email, I suspect lots of folks in Nashville would love to know more about this candidate and his vision for the DCRP so here’s my open letter to a DCRP candidate from a DCRP delegate. I understand that much of what I have presented will seem adversarial but understand that I too am tired of the Republican Party as it is in Davidson County. I too want to see some fundamental changes. I want to ensure that whoever takes over the party has the ability to actually move the Republican platform forward in this county. It’s proper to examine every potential job candidate for their fitness for the job by examining their past experience, knowledge of the task and how they would carry out the organization’s mission. Since I learned that Collins was running for DCRP chair I have been doing some research and I’ve found several things that give me pause—serious pause. So let’s start the conversation.

Mr. Collins,

We have never met but we have, at the caucus and the convention, been across the table from one another. Unfortunately, you were too busy conferring with your partners in this effort to take over the DCRP to reach across the table and introduce yourself before moving on to whisper to your next partner at another table. I was too polite to interrupt you while you were obviously focused on that task. Your lack of reaching out does concern me. If you intend to lead the DCRP is that lack of reaching across the table be indicative of who you will work with if you do lead the DCRP? Your comment below leads me to believe that you’re bringing in your own team instead. If you truly intended to work with the rest of us…a hand offered in friendship during the caucus and convention might have been a good idea.

I’m concerned when I read what you wrote at Campaign for Liberty on 2/11/09 http://www.campaignforliberty.com/user/Matt_Collins/

"It's very likely that not only will we win the local county Republican Party chair position, but that we'll also get most of the slots on the executive committee filled with fellow limited-government conservative Republicans. In other words we'll probably run our local county party.

If that happens, then what? What should we do? Ideas? Suggestions?"
You are running for the position of leader of the Republican party yet you’re asking your libertarian co-workers for your next set of instructions? Shouldn’t you already have that fixed in your mind? Shouldn’t you already have a vision and mission? In that same vein you stated on the Mike Church radio program on 3/26/09 (http://www.rlc.org/media/0326_rlc_mike_church_show.mp3):
“I’m not a political guy. I’m not really experienced at this.”
That affirms your need to ask for advice from your libertarian coworkers. This quote from current chair Tom Lawless, who has done an abysmal job of representing the Republican Party in Nashville during his own tenure, indicates he thinks YOU are the right man for the job.:
“ Matt has exhibited to me some extremely good leadership qualities in a very, very short period of time..." http://www.rlc.org/2009/03/
Yet, he admits to observing your leadership only over a 'very, very short period of time'. I see all that as a lot of negative and it does nothing toward assuring me that you have the experience and maturity to handle one of the most solid Democrat counties in the state—again also considering your own request for further instructions and confessed lack of experience.

I’m concerned that the very afternoon of the DCRP caucus you were also elected as vice-chair of the Tennessee Republican Liberty Caucus. http://www.campaignforliberty.com/blog.php?view=11629 You are politically double dipping parties. I think you need to pick one team to play on and one team that should get your full attention and resources. Obviously, you think the DCRP is fundamentally flawed and you seem very intent in changing the DCRP into a RLC outpost.

And speaking of teams, you made it clear back when Sen. John McCain was in town that you could not vote for him and so I wonder if as the head of the DCRP you would withhold the county party’s support for the state’s gubernatorial candidate based on your personal agenda. http://www.ronpaul.com/2008-06-05/mccain-is-a-coward-says-ron-paul-assistant-organizer/ Again, it’s a team issue.

I’m concerned that at just 27 years old, a fairly new resident of the area and a newbie to the DCRP you don’t have a good handle on the history and players in Davidson County. You obviously have a lot of enthusiasm and some basic networking skills but how far will that get you in working with the current players and then making real changes in Davidson County politics? More about that below.

I find it curious that your business website http://sonicdesigns.com/ has recently been pulled from the Internet and isn’t available for viewing so that we can know more about your business and its practices.

That same website hosted several Ron Paul audio ads which you freely made available to his supporters. There is nothing wrong with that. In fact I far prefer you using your own server space than apparently appropriating NashvilleGOP.org’s space to host files linked from your personal posts at the Ron Paul Forums and Campaign For Liberty. Those files are still hosted at http://nashvillegop.org/misc/. I have a hard time believing that the DCRP is concerned at all with what Williamson County resident Dave Ramsey thinks of Ron Paul or that the DCRP has an opinion on whether Ramsey is a real libertarian or not. Further why would the DCRP host audio of an interview between Michael DelGiorno and TCPR’s Drew Johnson? That file seems entirely personal after reading your Campaign for Liberty post on 2/20/2009 (*&cd=14&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=us) where you encourage folks to join a Facebook group supporting a run by Johnson for governor of Tennessee. There is also a clip from Phil Valentine hosted along with a couple of others. (For those unaware Collins introduced himself at the DCRP convention as a radio producer at WWTN 99.7 and Valentine, DelGiorno and Ramsey are aired on that same station.) If, as merely the Chief Informational Officer for the DCRP you’ve already overstepped that boundary between what’s available for your use and what belongs to the company…is it possible you’ll overstep others?

Further you’ve added news feeds to the DCRP website that even your partners at Creative Liberty think might raise questions about their being ‘Republican’ enough and might show your hand.
“Since I have been made the Chief Information Officer of my local Republican Party I now run the website. I have created a news / opinion page now that links to blogs from CFL, Reason, Mises, LewRockwell.com DailyPaul, and others.” http://www.ronpaulforums.com/showthread.php?mode=hybrid&t=178746
I also wonder if my own email after the caucus to the DCRP inquiring about meeting information, which was never acknowledged or responded to was one of your responsibilities.

And really nit-picky--your comments at the Orlando Ron Paul Meetup space seem inappropriate for anyone wanting to be considered the adult in charge of a county political party. http://www.meetup.com/orlandocampaignforliberty-com/members/4299869/.

And once I move past all of that I wonder just how you are going to take on the thoroughly entrenched Democrat party in this county? Where will you start—clearly, as noted above, you don’t know.
  • Will your coup hinder your ability to raise funds with those who have been financing the DCRP or will your supporters be more than able to fill in and overcome that financial loss?
  • Will your administration commit to fielding a full slate of candidates for the next primary or will you also write off the urban core?
  • Will your administration begin mentoring Republicans to run for office?
  • Will the DCRP under your leadership actually support those campaigns with cash and volunteers?
  • Will your DCRP fully staff the polls and monitor election results and be willing to challenge violations?
  • Will there be a DCRP response to legislation filed by Nashville Democrats in the legislature?
  • Similarly, what about legislation and initiatives the Metro Council?
  • What will your version of the DCRP do about Democrat control in this city that allowed things like the shenanigans that occurred over the last special election?
  • What will you offer, via the DCRP bully pulpit, finances and manpower, to the city of Nashville in regards to serious urban problems like:
    • Schools
      Infrastructure to include the convention center, stormwater and riverfront development
      Homelessness and affordable housing
      Traffic and public transportation
At the DCRP convention on 3/7/09 in your ‘vote for me’ speech you asked folks to consider if they’re happy with the status quo. Well, since November we’ve learned that change for change's sake isn’t a good enough reason to vote against the status quo. Hopefully, lots of folks have learned to ask “Just what does change mean?” Here’s your chance to define what that would mean to the members of the DCRP.

Thanks for your time. I know it’s at a premium this week. See you Saturday.

2009-04-2 UPDATE: I noticed this morning that audio files mentioned above along with the news feeds page have been removed from the Davidson County Republican Party website.


Eric said...

I frankly see both the Republican and Democrat parties as lost causes. They are so entrenched and have rigged election/ballot processes to the point that no alternative can reasonably be successful. To me, joining these parties at the state/local level is a lot like asking homeschool parents to join the local PTA and enroll their kids to "change the schools". It seems that registered Republicans who wish to change the Lamar!/Corker/McCain bailout vision are labeled as "Libertarians" or "Paultards" or worse to keep propping up the status quo. As was seen in Nevada's delegation, the Republican party is only interested in electioneering - simply ignoring/deleting delegates to keep Bailout McCain as "their" candidate.

I am wondering if you have put this kind of effort and scrutiny into any of the other candidates?

Nashteach said...

Right on, Eric. When our system of checks and balances was designed, there was no party system. And while one party may serve as a check on the other, there's no real check on the two-party system. Both parties are for big government; maybe not always on the campaign trail, but when it comes to action, I don't see much on behalf of limited government.

It's too bad Collins didn't introduce himself at the meeting, but I'd think introducing himself here should make up for that somewhat. I don't have a dog in this fight, so I'll leave it at that. Nice to know what's going on though.

Kay Brooks said...

Well, you're speaking with a woman who actually worked with a local PTA.

There is only one other candidate and since Collins was the unknown...I started with him.

I agree the two parties have become too much alike and too comfortable and unaccountable. While I'm only one delegate I'm going to make my opinions known.

Matt Collins said...

Mrs Brooks -

I definitely understand your concerns and say that it is your right, and even your duty, to be inquisitive of those seeking leadership positions. And in the spirit of fair, reasoned, open debate, discourse, and dialog, I would be more than happy to explain the points in your "Open Letter to Matt Collins" that has been recently posted on your blog. Hopefully I can earn your vote, and the votes of others, in the process.

Regarding my post on the CFL website - while yes I am already very sure of what direction the DCRP needs to take, I often confer with others, those who are like minded, and also those who are not, because it is important to get input from everyone. That doesn't mean that I'll act on everyone's input, but it is important to know what others are thinking and have to say. I have posed that specific question to multiple individuals, including current members of the DCRP, disenfranchised conservatives, and many others both locally and across the country. Not only is it a fair question to ask, but receiving outside opinions on the subject of "What should we do with the Party? How can we improve it?" is the prudent thing to do. No leader shuns honest advice.

Regarding the recent Mike Church radio interview, I stand by my words completely. I am NOT a political expert, and yes this is my first time involved in Party politics. But that is a clear advantage to the Party. I don't have any personal vendettas, back stories, or other personality differences that appears to have divided the DCRP for so long; this is obviously a good thing. But as Chairman I will draw upon the experience of the Party elders and compliment that with principled energy, passion, youth, and dedication in order to return the DCRP back to viability. In the past few weeks I have met many of those in the DCRP who have great ideas and great talent that sadly the Party has not put to use. This needs to change and I plan to enlist the help of all that are willing when I am elected Chair.

And for the record Tom Lawless the current DCRP chair does not represent me, I am “not his puppet” (as I have been accused of being), nor did I seek out or ask for an endorsement. His positive comments about my leadership skills are probably the result of his observation of my ability to organize and mobilize conservative Republicans. I was unaware he made those comments until after they were published and I definitely did NOT request them to be made.

Yes I have been elected as the Vice Chair of the Republican Liberty Caucus of TN. There might be some confusion about the RLC and I need to explain this a bit. The RLC-TN is an organization of limited-government conservatives who are a part of the Republican Party.

The RLC traces its roots to conservative elected officials such as Senator Barry Goldwater, Governor Ronald Reagan, Governor Calvin Coolidge, Governor Gary Johnson, and Senator Robert Taft. Current RLC endorsements include Governor Mark Sanford, Representative Jimmy Duncan, State Senator Mae Beavers, State Representative Susan Lynn, State Representative Frank Nicely, and State Representative Donna Roland.

I can tell you that there is no conflict of interest in being the Vice Chair of the TN-RLC (in fact just the opposite) and I implore you to read about the Republican Liberty Caucus at their website: http://www.rlc.org/about/

Regarding the McCain comments, I stand by those words as well. Please note that I was not an officer of the GOP at the time those comments were spoken. If a poll were taken however my bet is that the majority would share those same feelings. And you call it my "personal agenda" although it should be clear my only "agenda" is that of fixing the Republican Party to stand on limited-government conservative principles, following its own platform, and putting the government at all levels back into it's proper place. We need to get the country back on the right track, but that starts at home in our own backyard and in our own house; that’s why I’m running for DCRP Chair.

My personal / business website was not “pulled” as you suggested but simply reduced to only an intro page because it was out of date. It had not been updated since 2004 and much in my profession has changed since then. I felt instead of having an out of date obsolete site it would be best if I simply had a placeholder.

Regarding the WTN files hosted on the DCRP site, I am surprised anyone found those. I had not linked to those from anywhere on the website, and someone would have to really go searching hard to find them. It's quite interesting because I did my best to make them as obscure as possible; in other words it's highly doubtful that anyone from the general public would "stumble" across them; they would have to know where to look. Bouncing between the WTN studios, my home office, my laptop, and the road, I had needed a quick, easy, and convenient place online to store a few interviews I wanted to keep; this seemed like the logical choice especially since they were not intended to be seen by anyone coming onto the DCRP website. They have since been removed. This is also a non-issue.

Regarding your e-mail sent via the DCRP website -- if you sent it to info@nashvillegop.org that e-mail address is automatically forwarded to womanowned@aol.com which is Kathleen Starnes. So you would want to ask her why you did not receive a response to your e-mail because it would have ultimately ended up in her in-box.

In fact at this point I am compelled to wonder if my opponent, Mrs. Starnes, has given you the courtesy of a reply to your previous blog about this election?

Regarding the Orlando Meetup comments, those were made several years ago when I was younger and they have of course since been removed; again they are of no consequence.

Responding to your DCRP questions point by point-

- The Republican Party (specifically the DCRP) has disenfranchised and alienated many conservative voters and, if I win, having a real conservative who adheres to limited-government principles leading the Party will bring more fundraising than the DCRP has seen in many years. The base will be energized, the rhetoric against big-government will be ratcheted upward, and all of Nashville will take notice as the result of the increased visibility of the new Davidson County Republican Party.

- Yes we should run as many qualified conservative Republicans for office as possible. Ideally the big-government Democrats would have to fight us for every seat in the county. Our success remains to be seen, but we first have to make an attempt; that currently isn’t being done nor has it for a long time.

- Yes the DCRP under my lead would find local conservative Republicans to run for local offices.

- It is my understanding that the DCRP does not currently have the funds or resources to support any candidates in their run for any office. This MUST change! See more about my plan for this below.

- Yes of course we will aim to watch over all county elections to ensure that they are fair, accurate, and follow the letter of the law. All concerned citizens, regardless of party affiliations, should be involved in this essential part of the democratic process.

- Yes the DCRP should not only respond to, but advocate specific legislative actions within all state and local legislative bodies.

- Schools are best handled by anyone other than the government. The convention center is a case of theft by the government of the taxpayers (if there was a demand for a convention center then the free market would've enticed investors to invest in one). The best way to make housing affordable is to eliminate the insidious property tax. And private property is almost always managed better than “government property”.

What will I make an effort to do if elected chairman of the Davidson County Republican Party?

-Grow the Party by winning hearts and minds of disenfranchised voters

-Support conservative candidates for local and state offices

- Increase our resources by fundraising and networking

- Work to return our Party back to its conservative and limited-government roots

- Move our Party into the 21st century using modern technology

- Reach out to grassroots and community groups for strategic coalitions.

I realize that the Davidson County Republican Party needs improvement. Fundraising, recruitment, and running conservative candidates in local/state races are my top priority. I understand that the first steps toward advancing conservatism starts right here in our own community.

So the fundamental question is, do the DCRP delegates want more of the same, and to continue the status quo? Or do they want to introduce missing vibrancy into the local party?

Hopefully I have addressed all of your points in a satisfactory manner. Again you are free to e-mail or call me to discuss anything related to the DCRP. You're right that change for the sake of change is not always beneficial. But I am here to fix the Party because it’s the first step in getting our country on the right track. We have to offer the voters a clear difference between freedom, limited-government conservatism, fiscal responsibility, and socialistic Democrat schemes.

And my final question to you…has my opponent taken the time to respond to any of your blogs?

I look forward to seeing you Saturday and would appreciate your vote!

AgRock said...

I would like to take this opportunity to address your remarks regarding several things in your post, including some "digs" at an energetic Conservative Republican. Considering the overall GOP's direction the last few years, the term "Conservative Republican" may sound like a contradiction, but it's here to stay...

First off, let me start off by saying, I am not "wet behind the ears" in terms of age or experience in the political "game. I have been on all sides of it in my lifetime thus far, A Democrat in my 20's (we'll call that young and dumb), then an independent, soul searching for what was right because I detested both major parties, then finally, a few years back, realizing that it wasn't me who was lost, but actually the GOP, lost from it's principles and originally intended ideals.

One of the problems with parties, and politics in general, are as you referred to with the term, "the players". THAT is a major problem. Self centered, set in their ways, out to help themselves, as well as their "proteges", and advance themselves, NOT real ideals and Country first principles.
I am a member of SEVERAL Conservative organizations that push the principles of smaller government, adherence to the Constitution, less taxes, etc., among them the Republican Liberty Caucus, and understand, there is NOTHING wrong with that, nor is it to be considered "double dipping", which is a ludicrous statement at best. Any group that will further the cause of maintaining these ideals, which are GOP principles in their simplest forms, can only be a good thing. I have personally met and spoken with Matt Collins on a couple of occasions, as a citizen here in southeastern TN., and not in Davidson County, and find him to be an energetic, eloquent, and Liberty minded individual who gets excited merely at the thought of Freedom and Conservatism. I feel he is, although young, and less experienced, more than capable of helping to "right the ship" back to the right, where it should have never left. The GOP have had more than their fair share of Conservative impostors in the last few years, and the "S.O.P." of blindly following the candidate, regardless of voting history, vision, ideals, etc., simply because they have an "R" next to their name IS one of the major problems. A candidate running for office under the GOP banner SHOULD be scrutinized, to the UTMOST degree, just as you are trying to with Matt.

Young blood is what the GOP has been lacking, from coast to coast for way too long, and that's why we are in the situation in this country that we are now, not enough vigor, spunk, or fire in the Republican Party, just "business as usual". The GOP needs real change, not spare change.
You mentioned that you sat across from Matt on occasion, and that he never extended his hand to you, as he was apparently "moving and shaking". Where was your outreached hand?? The way I see it, if I'm at a Church, meeting, whatever, and a new person is in the mix, the "vets" should be the ones reaching out to the new guys. Therein lies the problem, guilty as charged! Open your mind to something new, better, something that's actually the original ideas, but missed for so long that they have been forgotten. Remember Kay...

Kay Brooks said...

AgRock: I'm sure Mr. Collins appreciates your support but from my POV it's not very helpful in that you're anonymous.

Had you read my previous post you would know that I didn't reach across the table because it was also my first caucus and convention and I considered it rude to interrupt Mr. Collins when he was obviously intent on communicating with others. So what's the ettiquette here? I thought the man seeking the vote should make time to initiate the greeting.

Mike said...

"....Regarding the WTN files hosted on the DCRP site, I am surprised anyone found those. I had not linked to those from anywhere on the website, and someone would have to really go searching hard to find them. It's quite interesting because I did my best to make them as obscure as possible; in other words it's highly doubtful that anyone from the general public would "stumble" across them; they would have to know where to look. Bouncing between the WTN studios, my home office, my laptop, and the road, I had needed a quick, easy, and convenient place online to store a few interviews I wanted to keep; this seemed like the logical choice especially since they were not intended to be seen by anyone coming onto the DCRP website. They have since been removed. This is also a non-issue....."

This IS an issue, a very telling example of personal character, or the lack thereof. The web resources of the party are not intended for personal or commercial use - which is exactly what Mr. Collins admits to using them for.

Whether or not the data was easily accessible to the public is irrelevant. There is great wisdom in the saying, "Character is best displayed in what a man does when no one is watching."

In what other ways would Mr. Collins misuse party resources in order to make his life more "quick, easy, and convenient"?

pennycat said...

Matt Collins will work very hard for the Republican cause. His determination to oppose the socialism of President Obama is just what we need right now.

It is unfortunate that the writer of the above blog likes to 'nit-picky' (her words) over trivial perceived slights. Your principled stands show you to be the best candidate for chairman.

Bryan said...

Mrs. Brooks,

I wanted to comment on your assertion that Mr. Collins, as the Vice Chair of the Republican Liberty Caucus is "politically double dipping parties."

As Secretary of the Republican Liberty Caucus of Tennessee and member of the national board of directors for the Republican Liberty Caucus, I can assure you that the Republican Liberty Caucus exists to work within the Republican Party. Unlike other Liberty-oriented groups, our bylaws insist that we cannot endorse, as an organization, any "candidate contesting an election against any Republican Party nominee."

You have provided a lot of information that attests to Mr. Collins' Liberty-leaning predilections. Aren't these the very principles that the Republican Party has historically embraced?

I submit to you that the fundamental principles of limited government, individual liberty, and the free market are core principles of the Republican party and over the past decades, the Republican Party has gotten away from those core principles.

Wouldn't you prefer a candidate who is committed to bringing the Republican Party to more of a Republican Platform?

Also, Mr. Collins is choosing to work from within the establishment of the Republican Party to strengthen it. Why on earth would you oppose someone who is committed to coming into the Republican Party, which is desperately in need of new blood, and bringing in a new generation that will carry it forward into the coming years?

Mr. Collins is not a radical. In fact, I submit that his conservative values will strengthen the Republican Party's core ideals.

We, as Republicans, did not lose the last election because we didn't have the money that the Obama Campaign had. We lost it because, firstly, there was no real fundamental difference between our candidate and his rival, and secondly, the Democratic Party has many in our younger generation that the Republican Party is filled with a bunch of old people.

If you want the Republican Party to survive and thrive in this century, you should support the influx of new conservative ideals, which are at the core of the Republican Platform.

Thank you for your time,

Bryan Haddock

Secretary, Republican Liberty Caucus of Tennessee - www.rlctn.org
At-Large Board Member, Republican Liberty Caucus - www.rlc.org

AgRock said...

Anonymous?? You see my web "handle", in this world that's all that's needed. It's based on the ability to keep one's private life "private" and separate from the outside world, which I choose to do because I am not running for an office. I would confidently assume that by your appeared age, as well as the fact that you seem to know all the "major players", etc., within the Davidson realm that, you are not a rookie within their system, and although you know good and well, that if Matt was involved in trying to "corral" his folks for a run, it's almost impossible to meet everyone at once. They're could be many reasons why he didn't "extend his hand", but then the same could be said for you. Believe me, I did read your post, hence the reason for the response, which is not normal for me to do. I just felt you were/are missing the point, apples to oranges. Question is, did you read MY response?? Because you seem to have missed the major points I was stressing regarding the current GOP regime...

johnmdrake said...

Hello Kay,

First I think Bryan hit the nail on the head with regards to the Tennessee Republican liberty committee. If the DRCP is to grow I would think that it would want to reach out to other Republican organizations. For instance a new Republican organization has just come online at the Vanderbilt law school. I hope if any members become involved with the DCRP they aren't treated as outsiders looking to set up "outposts".

I do think you asked some Matt some pertinent questions about vision. Are you going to ask his opponents those same questions? Because I don't remember Kathleen mentioning anything about her legislative agenda in her nomination speech. She did say she wanted to energize the party and use "new technology". But aren't those things that Matt is already doing?

Last question. I'm sorry Matt missed meeting you last time as did I. I'll be out of town tomorrow (pre existing commitment) or I would go out of my way to meet you. I understand that Matt made an offer to talk to you recently? Have you taken him up on that offer? If not, why not?

Matt Collins said...

Kay -

It is interesting to learn today that when an olive branch was presented to you that you steadfastly declined. After an intermediary asked if you would be willing to chat with me on the phone you absolutely refused. Your mind has apparently been made up and your blog here is NOT an inquisitive piece, it's a blatant attack on me!!! And as I suspected you are working for my opponent's side because your disinformation about me posted here has flat out mimicked what my opponent’s side has presented in previous conversations as a subtle whisper FUD campaign against me. This is proved by your close mindedness and unwilling to take my phone call for a simple introduction. Did you not complain about me not introducing myself earlier? But yet when I offer to introduce myself you decline .

You may or may not have figured it out but you are being used by my opponent’s side as a proxy to attack me. Are you aware that my opponent worked for and supported previous liberal Democrat elected officials? Have you asked my opponent WHY her and her husband left the Democrat Party and joined the GOP? If not, you might consider it.

And are these the types of tactics that you want to prevail in the Republican Party? The Party has had enough problems from the result of acting like Democrats. Using underhanded tactics such as this is exactly what the Party needs to get away from.

SHAME on you for purporting to be neutral when you definitely were not. The Party would be better off without you and people who use your methodologies.

pennycat said...

So Ms. Kay, now that you've been exposed, what do you have to say for yourself?

AJ Witoslawski said...

Mrs. Brooks,

If you are neutral as you claim to be, why wouldn't you take Mr. Collins's phone call?

Just wondering, because I too am tired of the underhand tactics of both the Republican and Democrat parties. Mr. Collins is simply attempting to bring real conservative reform to the Republican party.

Kay Brooks said...

I went to Matt Collins this morning after the election. I explained that my posts were not personal, that Kathleen Starnes had nothing to do with my posts, that I had actually campaigned for an office and that when someone asked Friday afternoon if Collins could call me I responded that it wouldn't change my mind at all and would be a waste of effort.

Collins accepted my handshake before and after our talk and I'm hopeful that our working relationship in the Republican Party will be good for Davidson County.

Matt Collins said...

Mrs. Brooks,

It was your mistake to decide against me without at least holding a conversation with me. This was offered as you mentioned several times by both myself and by a mutual friend.

Your actions of innuendo, smear, attack, and FUD against me were damaging to the Party and unnecessary. If you had asked me about the issues of which you raised I would've been more than happy to explain. I still maintain that you were working for my opposition, and being used by her camp as a tool or proxy, even if not consciously or knowingly.

But since you took the time and effort and have come to me in person I will take the next step forward in an effort to put this behind us. Because as I mentioned you and I probably agree on more than we disagree and we should work together to get limited-government conservatives elected into office so that we can fix the Party with the ultimate goal of fixing the country.

If you would like to delete all posts and comments in this blog regarding this subject I would be willing to support you in that. I see no reason why this correspondence needs to stand as it would only serve as a distraction from this point forward.

-Matt Collins
Vice Chair - Davidson County Republican Party
Vice Chair - Republican Liberty Caucus
Davidson County Coordinator - Campaign for Liberty

Kay Brooks said...

Matt Collins wrote: "If you would like to delete all posts and comments in this blog regarding this subject I would be willing to support you in that. I see no reason why this correspondence needs to stand as it would only serve as a distraction from this point forward."

You said this same thing Saturday morning when we spoke. I told you then, and repeat now, that every poster has the ability to delete their comments. You are welcome to do so at any time.

Matt Collins wrote: "It was your mistake to decide against me without at least holding a conversation with me. This was offered as you mentioned several times by both myself and by a mutual friend."

I don't know how you define 'several times'. I do know that you made an offer communicate here on this blog and then once late Friday afternoon through your 'intermediary'. Again, it would have been a waste of time. Getting to know you better would not have changed what I considered your lack of qualifications, your divided loyalties and your misuse of the NashvilleGOP.org website.

Instead of trying to edit this blog and blogging for Rand Paul at Campaign for Liberty you might want to put your Chief Information Officer hat on and spend your time updating the NashvilleGOP.org website to include linking to the latest press release about the convention results and updating the leadership page. Folks shouldn't have to go to AC Kleinheider's blog to find that information.

Matt Collins said...

I have not misused the NashvilleGOP.org website at anytime. Don't believe me? Ask the two previous chairmen, including the one who appointed me.

Also, I am no longer the DCRP CIO/Webmaster so it is not my responsibility to update the DCRP website any longer. I have given all of the access information to the current chair with an offer to keep it updated at her request in the interim; so far no response on that matter.

If you would be willing to delete your posts about me, then I would of course be willing to delete mine about you. I think that would be best.