Sunday, August 07, 2005

Well, it's about time!

Isn't this part of what taxpayers and parents have been fussing about for a loooooong time?

They're evaluating the "business" side of their schools — how their funding, staffing and programs are allocated — and sharing information about students across departments so everyone knows what the students need and what's in the works to help them improve.

The goals are simple: get everybody in the school working on the same page, cut out waste and earmark more resources for the teachers and students in those classrooms. From the Tennessean.

And didn't we all know this was required:

However, the new way requires different groups to check their egos at the door and work together.
Another DOH! forehead slapping comment:

One of the side effects is that change can come quickly. The group that looked at needs in Knox County Schools quickly discovered that reading needed to be taught in some high schools but not in all, so it's now offered in the schools that are struggling most.
This is a most welcome change.

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