Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Middle schoolers conspire to murder teacher.

More from Dandridge (Jefferson County). I thought this was some boys fooling around and a gun accidentally discharged and one of them got hurt. According to officials they had conspired to kill a teacher that had disciplined them and that's why they had the guns in the first place.

In shackles and in silence, two of the boys head back to the Bean Juvenile lockup until their parents can pay $100,000 bonds.

The third goes home with his parents, but only until a doctor pulls a bullet out of him.


We understand, two guns found their way into the school that day, in court Tuesday, one boy's uncle, his legal guardian, admitted they were his. One, he kept his truck, the other, in a junk drawer. Prosecutors haven't decided whether he'll face any charges. From WVLT.

I don't have a problem with folks owning guns. I have a huge problem with people treating them so casually as to have them available in a truck or a junk drawer for immature and angry boys to get ahold of. These boys were 12 and 14 years old. Old enough to know better but still needing the adults in their lives to keep them from doing stupid stuff.

The judge was exactly right:

...they belong in custody, saying only by the grace of God, the teacher in question happened to be off that day. Otherwise 'we could have been looking at another Columbine.'

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