Monday, August 01, 2005

Memphis School Zone Blog

I was trying to locate the Commercial Appeals article:

85 percent of Tenn. schools meet federal marks (subscription), TN - 3 hours ago
... Of Tennessee's 1,693 schools, there were 242 - 15 percent - that failed at least one of the federal benchmarks for a first or repeat time. ...
(I'm curious as all get out to know how many of those 242 schools are in the Memphis area)

when I ran into their new "School Zone" blog. It's got a slow start but I've no idea if the word is getting out. Poster Harvey Weinberg is pretty peeved about the registration process. He starts politely enough with:
One would think that in an this advanced electronic age there would be a better way to register kids for school than queing up for hours at a time. With 3 kids in 3 different schools a whole day of work is lost to do something that should be able to be done by mail.
but by the end its:

Time for a change in procedure and if the present administration is unable or unwilling to come up with viable alternatives -- maybe it's time for a change of administrations there too!!
He throws in a couple of good suggestions. I hope someone is listening.

(Oh, the 85% article link brings up a blank page at this moment. Stay tuned.)

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