Friday, August 05, 2005

Comparing NCLB numbers

If you're looking for some way to evaluate these new NCLB scores with previous years, you're in for a convoluted ride and disappointment.

I'm pretty 'net savvy but I ended up calling them (615-741-2731) to get them to help me find any of it. I spoke with a very helpful woman who said she'd been fielding calls from parents all across the state so she seemed to completely understand my plea for a better way. She said she'd pass on my request for a comparison AYP chart for every year to present.

This year's AYP is found at: .

So, if you want to find last year's AYP and compare it to this year's AYP try this:

Start at:
Click on the System Report Card downlink to pick the system you want (Memphis for example) Go to the bottom and click on Next, then Next again, and Next yet again.

That should put you on part IV: AYP (For individual schools that AYP data is at the very bottom). She says is the 2003 AYP data--despite it's not actually being marked 2003. These are obviously not raw numbers just + or - signs. The raw data is a matter of public record according to Ms. McCarter and, at this point, we have to query the individual school or system for that.

Here's their FAQ on Adequate Yearly Progress:

Wendy Thomas at the Memphis Commercial-Appeal has a good article about the need for testing for much more practical math skills than solving polynomial equations. Perhaps we ought to seriously consider spending more time on deciphering statistical data as published by the DOE.

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Anonymous said...

Kay -- this is not the full report is it? We need to see the suspension, graduation/drop-out data, demographics, etc. Surely this is going to be posted in segments? If yes, this is pitiful!

I will call the number you gacve and asked --

Thanks --