Monday, August 01, 2005

Dad has a sense of humor.

And because I can, I thought I'd share this article from a Clarksville parent (and newspaper editor) about why they homeschool.

Why do we homeschool? Two words: Square dancing

This month, homeschooling parents all over Tennessee have to pay homage to big Mother Government and justify their decision to educate their own children.

I guess I don't mind homeschooler registration. It probably keeps a few loonies from hiring out their kids as window washers instead of educating them.

And this sort of thing just comes with the territory. Any time you step outside the norm you have to accept that you've got some explaining to do — to your family, your friends, your co-workers and that clerk at the grocery store who has an opinion on everything except the price of tea on Aisle 5.

But we're not just outside the public school norm. We're also outside the homeschool norm. Most homeschoolers around here homeschool for religious reasons — they're flat out tired of arguing with government bureaucracies about their faith.

That's not us either. Yeah, we're Christians, but that's not primarily why we homeschool.

So why do we homeschool? I'll give you 20 reasons.

1.No one, and I mean no one, has the right to teach my son how to square dance. From the Clarksville Leaf-Chronicle.

It gets even better. If you haven't laughed today---go read this.

Number 23 comes closest to my own experience:

23.Watching the light bulb go on in your child's eyes when he figures out the concept of division.

Only it was my son's excitement when he was learning to read and pointed at the chalkboard and excitedly shouted "I know that word!" I'm too selfish to share those moments with anyone but their father.

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