Tuesday, August 30, 2005


Count me among the stunned.

The Tennessee Education Lottery Corp. spent a combined $50,000 as one of the sponsors of the Wilson and Williamson county fairs — an advertising blitz that included numerous firework shows.

Some area residents who visited the fairs say they were stunned to learn that a corporation whose job is to raise money for college scholarships invested thousands in fireworks, advertising or not.


The lottery collected $844.3 million last year in lottery ticket sales, she said. About 30% of it went to create the HOPE college scholarships, as dictated by lottery rules. From the Tennessean.

I want another 50% to go to the children. I'd let them have a generous 20% for expenses. If a charity asked you to donate to them and spent 70% on administrative costs you'd consider them a abysmal manager of the funds would decline to hand them your money.

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Also stunning:

Metro Nashville shaming us into a sales tax increase but seriously considering providing a municipal computer network to our homes. Forget the chicken in every pot--notebooks for everyone! Dells of course.

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Anonymous said...

Here 50% of the take from lottos is given out as prize money and another 5% goes to the retailer. So, it might be that the 30% is 2/3 of the remaining 45%.