Thursday, February 10, 2011 gets 'the Byrd'

Local Salemtown blogger Michael Byrd has a got a bone to pick with He's accusing them of stealing his content. There is a difference between aggregating teases to content and outright republishing without permission. Mike's fighting back and I'm thinking it's going to be effective.

I started to type into my browser window. Here's a screen shot of Firefox's suggested auto fill " Steals local content, refuses to rightfully attribute to local authors".

And then once I got to right there on their own front page is the accusation again " Steals Local Content, Refuses To Rightfully Attribute To Local Authors". Here's the screen shot:

The old saw about picking a fight with people who by ink by the barrel has been updated, Pixels are equally effective. Amplify this "Go get your own content".

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