Sunday, July 25, 2010

CeCe Heil on Fox & Friends this AM

CeCe Heil is running for the 5th Congressional seat here in Tennessee. This morning she was among three "Mama Grizzlies" featured on Fox & Friends this morning. These women were so concerned about bad politicians disassembling their children's futures they decided to run for political office. They "raised their heads up from [their] family calendar and wondered what happened to the country".

In this quick three minute video we hardly get a decent introduction and I'd like to hear much more from each of them. It's encouraging to know they're out there, also fighting to take the country back. Good on them all.


The Freedom Writer said...

2010 will be a big year for conservative women all across this country. The tea party started because of rino republicans and weak men in congress. I stumbled upon your blog by hitting the next blog button at the top of my blog page for the first time. Good job neighbor!

Kay Brooks said...

Welcome, Freedom Writer. Thanks for visiting. I'm off to return the visit.

In Tennessee we're blessed to have several very strong women in our political world. Hopefully, we're sending several to Congress.