Monday, December 07, 2009

2009-12-7 Miscellany

Remedial Education: From Governor Bredesen via the Times-Free Press (hat tip: PostPolitics)

“If you are not ready to do the work at a standard four-year college, you need to go to a two-year school and get ready,” the governor said. “We need to get the four-year colleges out of the remedial business.”
No, Governor. You're wrong here. You don't push back far enough. It's not the business of higher education to remediate this problem. It's the business of K-12 school systems across the state to ensure that their graduates receive diplomas that actually mean they're ready for higher education.

A looooong time ago, MNPS offered a guarantee to employers. If the graduate needed remediation MNPS would pay for it. Seems to me this guarantee should be have been extended to students instead.

Frosty the inappropriate snowman: Just a heads up here, parents, keep that TV remote very handy.
"CBS is doing much the same thing that alcohol and tobacco companies have done in the past -- namely, using imagery in advertising that would naturally attract children in order to market an adult product," [Bob] Peters [of Morality in Media] said in a statement to
We shouldn't expect anything less, I suppose, considering our "Safe School Czar". It's long been a pet peeve of mine that an appropriate family program is polluted by inappropriate advertising.

Charter schools: still not enough freedom. And there won't be as long as the public school foxes are in charge of the whole process. From Jamie Sarrio at the Tennessean

The Center for Education Reform Monday released its annual report card on charter school laws and Tennessee earned a "D," despite changes to the law this year.


mpeden said...

Councilman Hollin ended Saturday's meeting about the Convention Center by reminding everyone that all of the schools in District 5 are failing by anyone's standards - and that these students are the one's that will be leading Nashville in 20 years. I was very impressed.

Kay Brooks said...

And @jrHollin tweeted just this morning:

"How hard is sit to get education front and center on everyone's mind?"

My experience has been that it's usually only front and center when it's election time or time to ask for money. Very sad. Very frustrating.