Saturday, September 26, 2009

Personal Update

I've avoided explaining my light posting hoping that our life would soon revert back to something resembling normal and I could resume soon. However, it looks like we may have a new normal.

Our life has been a bit of a roller coaster ride since Christmas. Back then, my husband, our family's major breadwinner and the patron who supports my community activism, was unexpectedly laid off. A week later he was hired by a former employer (at a lower rate). Two months later he was laid off (at least we had a clue this time). Both layoffs were for lack of work in an specialized industry we now understand is very dependent upon credit being readily available. Within a week he went to work on a commercial renovation project that lasted about six months (at a lower rate again) and has been expectedly laid off.

While I enjoy blogging--it doesn't bring enough to pay the bills and so I've polished up both our resumes. We're both hitting the bricks and pixels looking for work. If you need an excellent finish carpenter, millworker, bass player or a politically busybody mom with great office and administrative skills let us know at

I'll still be able to eek out a few posts now and again but for this immediate season my focus must turn from my passion about educating children and government issues to those people I hold near and dear. I have the blessings of a supportive husband, amazing children and a church family that really does walk closely with us on the journey. They make the journey bearable and worth finishing well. I hope you're similarly blessed.

So, I'll post when I can, when I can't stand not saying something and when I have a few minutes. Thanks for reading and for your patience.


Unknown said...

Good luck, Kay.

Meredith said...

Kay, I'm so sorry to hear that. I'm amazed at all the families we know who've been touched by job loss lately.

Matt Collins said...

I understand completely; I've been scavenging for work most of this year myself. It's a catch-22 unfortunately. The reason the economy is suffering is because of big-government intervention into the marketplace. While finding work is critical, the solution to turning our economy around is to get the government back to its proper and limited place. I struggle with this because I often find myself spending time on non-income-producing political activities that are good for the country, while I really need to be seeking revenue. Being active in political discourse is necessary and as has been said "the cost of liberty is eternal vigilance (over government)" but it's sometimes tough to strike a balance between spending personal resources on limiting government instead of seeking income.

The economy WILL recover if we get individuals into office who allow the People to determine their own economy instead of a centralized planning apparatus. And we can indeed get those individuals into office if we work hard enough. It is very tempting to allow one's personal situations to be neglected for such a noble goal, I know this because it has happened to me first hand.

In short, I understand your situation and feel your pain.

Anonymous said...


You and your husband are in my thoughts and prayers.

As a fellow job seeker, I hope that your search will be short and productive.

I will send you any leads that come along.


Kay Brooks said...

Thanks for the support and prayers. We do appreciate them.

And if you know of a job as political or new media consultant or an AutoCad Civil Technician check Truman's blog post.