Thursday, August 06, 2009

Christmas Tigers

This 30 second lesson on how Congress is too often run is 70 years old. This snip is from the classic Frank Capra film "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington". In this scene the senior senator schools the junior senator on the ways of DC. It's maddening to be told that there's no time to read the bill. That sections of it are placeholder's for only God knows what. That we're too unsophisticated to understand it and that the entire dictionary is wrong and those words don't mean what they used to mean.

There are some in Congress that have taken up the 'lost cause' of defending citizens against their own government. They have my deepest appreciation and support. The rest of you, you who enable big government, whose allegiance is with your cohorts in Congress, who can't take the time to read and understand the bill, who have forgotten who you were sent there to represent and what the Constitution actually says and are only decorating a chair...well, we'll see you at a town hall meeting and we'll be skipping over your name at the next election.

(My apologies for the quality of the clip. Despite assertions from the left to the contrary we don't have big bucks from the health care industry or the RNC financing this little blog.)

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