Friday, February 22, 2008

Testing for all: public, private, home schooled

Rep. G. A. Hardaway (D-Memphis) has introduced HB2795 which will require all students whether public, private or home schooled to submit to state testing. The old saying is "He who creates the test creates the curriculum". One of the very reasons parents choose to leave the public schools is the curriculum. I expect he'll be hearing from them until he decides to pull the bill.

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Rep. G. A. Hardaway

Rep. Mike Turner (D-Nashville) tried something similar back in 2004 without success. I trust Rep. Hardaway will also realize that this isn't a better path, especially since the State BOE has just recommended dumping Gateway exams altogether and creating more end of course tests. Testing for the professionals is a moving target. Mandating them for all students is a huge infringement on their freedoms. Further, once having passed these tests, I don't see the state offering to provide a diploma for those students in return. This is just a bad idea all around and this bill needs to be pulled before its hearing in the House Education Special Initiatives Committee next Wednesday, February 27, 11:45 a.m., Room 16 of Legislative Plaza.

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Eric H said...

I seem to remember that Memphis schools are leading the way in our state for failure to meet AYP standards.

Interesting that Rep. Hardaway must be "getting a lot of phone calls" about testing homeschoolers from his constituents rather than improving things for the students the state is actually responsible for.

Forget the diploma, when do the private and homeschool kids get $10,000+/year like the Memphis public school kids do? At that rate, I wouldn't need the stupid lottery.

If you are going to use the private schoolers to pull up your scores, shouldn't they get a cut of the state/federal green you stand to gain?

Tom Guleff said...

Kay, You are right on the money on this. Why is Rep. Hardaway worried about homeschoolers ?

Tom Guleff said...


I've added my two cents on SUPER NANNY...Thanks.

Kay Brooks said...

A long term concern of mine, Eric, is the number of Memphis legislators that are on the House Ed committee. 4 out of 18. I've long maintained that they need to spend some serious time fixing Memphis schools before they start foisting policy on the rest of the state.

Like the "no nanny" logo, Tom. Thanks for getting the word out. I hope Rep. G. A. Hardaway hears from lots of Memphis folks.