Friday, August 24, 2007

Did you hear that groan?

Metro schools go back to their regular hours on Monday.

August 24, 2007 MNPS Returns To Full Days Effective Monday, Aug. 27 Metro Nashville Public Schools will return to its normal, full-day schedule beginning Monday, Aug. 27. The District has temporarily been operating on half-days due to sustained 100+ temperatures. Outdoor athletic activities will be allowed after school at the discretion of the principal, following District policy on practicing/playing in heat.
According to WKRN it will be cooler:

However, I'm with the folks at Save Tennessee Summers and think this early August start is not good. We need to start after Labor Day.

Was it after Opryland closed that MNPS started encroaching on our Augusts? Seems to me I remember some hullabaloo created when it was thought students weren't going to be available to work at the park.

I'd like someone to do some sort of cost:benefit analysis of this early August start. What we actually gain in student learning vs. the cost to purchase and maintain equipment, OT personnel costs when they fail under the stress, utility costs and lawsuits settlements paid out because students and staff were injured as a result. How is it other systems can do quite well starting after Labor Day and we can't?

I know this year has been exceptional. But, really, is it better to coop them all up in buildings during August vs. late May and early June?


Buckley said...

to coop them all up in buildings

The buses. What's happening with the buses should be alarming. High temperatures, discipline problems, only one adult on the bus (in high temps) for many hours. I'm sorry, I can't provide specifics, but I feel strongly someone needs to stick up for the kids in this area.

I am one, when it comes to school money, who argues for getting more to the classroom. But we really need to make sure these bus situations are safe in all ways for these kids. Let's not let our concern go when the hot weather does. This needs to be considered at budget time.

Was it after Opryland closed that MNPS started encroaching on our Augusts?

It's the rise in testing. First, some feel the two semesters should be even so we have semester exams before the two week break. I tend to agree but am starting to wonder if it's worth it.

But it's also those standardized tests. See, the state and The College Board set dates for their tests. The district sets the district calendar. They really have no control over when the tests are, but do have control over how many instructional days they can put before the set testing dates.

I'm glad we're back on full days. It's taking me longer to learn my students' names since we aren't meeting kids as often (in high schools), and I'm just having a little more trouble telling them apart this year.

Kay Brooks said...

Yes, the buses. Thanks for mentioning that. I think we could save a lot of money by having a driver and a monitor on every bus. That would allow us to have children of all ages on the buses and cut down on the number of routes being run and so fuel, maintenance and number of buses needed. Also the driver could focus on the road and we'd likely save money in lawsuits, a regular expense that no one wants to fully disclose.

I think most of us are wondering if that August start is worth it.