Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Musical wish list

Good news in this morning's Tennessean. The County Music Association has committed to providing substantial donations to Metro Schools. This is great and I'm always glad to hear the community step up and meet an important need. This $400,000 is a great start.

In the meantime Inglewood's Isaac Litton Middle School's band instrument wish list could use a similar gracious patron. They provided me this fairly specific list but I know they'll be thankful for suitable substitutions.

2 ea 3/4 Holton Tubas
1 ea Kawai ES4 (88key) Piano Keyboard
1 ea Amplifier for keyboard (KMA 65X)
5 ea Conn Trumpets
5 ea Selmer Clarinets
5 ea Armstrong Flutes
5 ea Conn Trombones
2 ea Conn Single French Horns
2 ea Holton double French Horns
2 ea King Baritone Horns
2 ea Selmer Alto Saxophones
2 ea Selmer Tenor Saxophones
2 ea Concern Snare Drums
1 ea Ludwig Concern Bass Drum
1 set Ludwig Orchestral Bells
1 ea Ludwig Xlophone
1 ea Ludwig Marimba
The total here is about $23,000.

You can direct your tax deductible donation to:
Isaac Litton Middle School
4601 Hedgewood Drive
Nashville, TN 37216
Thanks for whatever help you can provide.


Anonymous said...

How about a few guitars too?

Kay Brooks said...

Guitars weren't even mentioned--and they didn't ask for a Chevy Silverado either. :-)

William said...

So, what's the connection between guitars and Chevy pickups?

Kay Brooks said...

If you read the original Tennessean story you'll see that among the items donated was a Chevy Silverado truck.

William said...

They could use some guitars and some guitar education in metro.