Thursday, June 29, 2006

NEA convention

If it's the 4th of July it's NEA convention time.

No one's coverage is more interesting or more timely than Mike Antonucci's. This is from his latest update.

EIA Coverage of NEA Representative Assembly Begins July 1. For the ninth consecutive year, EIA will provide daily gavel-to-gavel coverage from the floor of the National Education Association Representative Assembly. The first communiqué will be issued from Orlando, Florida, the evening of Saturday, July 1, and each evening thereafter until the convention closes on July 5. Subscribers will automatically receive those bulletins via e-mail as usual, and they will also be posted on the EIA web site shortly after transmission. The direct link is and there will also be a permanent link to the bulletins on the home page at

This year, I also hope to add some informal items about the convention and its delegates on the pages of EIA's blog, Intercepts. So keep an eye out there as well.

I will be available via e-mail for your questions and comments during the convention, but please make allowances for delays in my response. Members of the media not present at the convention should contact me before Friday for telephone contact information. Delegates and guests are welcome to visit with me by the press section (left of the stage as you face it), but be aware I am restricted from wandering around the convention floor.

As always, conversations with me at the convention are kept in confidence - not for publication unless you explicitly agree otherwise – from the first-time delegate all the way up to Reg. Feel free to ask anyone who knows about my track record in this regard. Anonymous blurbs – hostile or laudatory – are always welcome.

This year they're meeting in Orlando and they are expecting 9,000 delegates. Here's the NEA's web page for the event.


S_town Mike said...

Thanks for the links. The sites have some good information.

Anonymous said...

And to think, "out-of-touch" homeschooler Kay provided the info. Why, by all the education hoopla and opinion s_town has generated the last coupla' months, you would think he had at least heard of Antonucci...

Maybe he can get to the root of the Gallo wine/WalMart boycott...