Thursday, July 28, 2005

A step in the right direction

About time, imo.

Tennessee school directors could lose their jobs if they fail to report teachers who are let go or resign amid serious allegations of wrongdoing.

The state Board of Education is expected to consider that penalty and other tough steps next month to increase efforts to get rid of troubled educators.

The state wants to track why teachers are released and keep them from moving unchecked from one school system to another.


The state doesn't track the number of educators who resign amid controversy, are denied a teaching license or voluntarily give up a license as part of a conviction or plea agreement.
From the Knox News.

I understand there are probably some fine legal issues to be considered. We don't want to unfairly blacklist anyone. But I'm all for making sure that these folks don't replicate their bad behavior in other districts. Money can be replaced. The safety, innocence and well-being of children will be gone forever. Let's make sure we don't enable these folks to slip back into the system.

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