Friday, June 24, 2005

Maybe a bus monitor would have been wise.

It's stories like this one from Sevier County that make me wonder why we don't have a second adult on school busses monitoring the children. Who knows what good could come from having a few minutes with a friendly adult on the ride to school in the morning. Maybe a bit of help with the homework? Someone to confide in about an issue at school. Someone to keep order so the driver can concentrate on getting them back and forth safely.

Mother sues Sevier school system
$5.5-million lawsuit alleges racial hostility
KNOXVILLE - The mother of a Seymour Intermediate student filed a $5.5-million federal lawsuit against the county school system here Wednesday morning, claiming school officials failed to protect her son from racial hostility on the part of other students and school personnel.
Reports from the Sevier County Sheriff's Department confirm that in February, a white female student charged Shipwash's client [a black male] with exposing himself on the bus. [From the Mountain Press.]

How many school bus monitors can we pay for with $5.5 million?


Andrea R said...

I've long felt another adult on the school bus would go a long LONG way to minimize all the problems they have.

Cathy said...

Funny, I live in Sevier County and very little was published about this incident. Sevier county schools as well as school authorities lack in the worst way! There is lack of accountability fiscally and otherwise. Bad behavior is condoned.

I can actually believe that some lunatic in the central office said these very words to this student's mother. I currently have three children in Sevier county schools and have first hand experience of the retarded comments made by so called school officials.

The African American population is very low in these schools. What the central office official allegedly said to this boy's mother is very racist...stupid....and typical. I have heard tape recorded responses of those in the central office talking with disgruntled parents.

Wonder what the final disposition was? Did they settle? For how much? Why is this not publicized and reported from the rooftops?

Sevier county schools now have what they report to be a 7 million dollar short fall. School authorities are very quick to blame Gov. Bredeson, as they do not wish to look within and see where their own stupidity costs them monetarily and otherwise!