Friday, May 27, 2005

Love on TSBA and national committee

Thanks to Simply I for pointing out that Charles Love of our recent "Tennessee Waltz" corruption investigation is not only a member of the Hamilton County School Board but also a member of the Tennessee School Boards Association (TSBA).

Charles Love
Southeast District Director

Charles has served on the Hamilton County board since 1996, serving as vice chairman in 1998 and chairman since 1999. He serves as the Southeast Regional Coordinator on the TLN and has been recently elected as regional representative to the FRN. He is active in the community, serving on various committees. He is the owner of Charles Love and Associates lobbying firm. Charles and his wife, Sandra, have two children.

Article II of the TSBA Code of Ethics:

My Relations to My Community

Section 1. I will endeavor to appraise fairly both the present and future educational needs of the community and to support improvements as finances permit.
Section 2. I will represent at all times the entire school community and refuse to represent special interests or partisan politics. [emphasis added--ed.]
Section 3. I will endeavor to keep the community informed about the progress and needs of the schools.

How can a lobbyist avoid representing 'special interests or partisan politics'? I would have thought his job would immediately disqualify him for service. Instead the TSBA includes the fact in his bio and moves on.

A few links to clarify the acronymns follows.

TLN is the legislative arm of the TSBA.:
The Tennessee Legislative Network (TLN) was created to accomplish TSBA's legislative goals. The network is composed of school board members representing each of the school districts in Tennessee and governed by a board of directors, which is charged with setting TSBA's legislative priorities.
This webpage shows Charles Love as the "Chairman Elect". If I read correctly their next scheduled meeting is June 19th in Gatlinburg.

FRN is part of the National School Board Association's Federal Relations Network according to the TSBA.
TSBA's federal legislative efforts are supported by the Federal Relations Network, or FRN. The FRN was established by the National School Boards Association and consists of board members from each congressional district. Each year TSBA takes part in the NSBA Federal Relations Network Conference, where Tennessee school board members visit the nation's capitol to meet with the state's senators and congressmen to discuss the needs of local school systems.

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