Thursday, April 28, 2005

Charter schools: It's for the children

Also from the Jackson Sun is a note that Sen. Jamie Hagood got her bill on expanding the charter school rules through her Senate Education committee on a 5 to 2 vote. Currently, students must be enrolled in a poorly performing school before they can choose this option, if a charter school is even available. This would change that and focus on the needs of the child instead.

The downside to the current law has been that, at least in Metro Nashville, the Board of Ed has looked at charter applications and denied them based on the BOE understanding of how many of their own schools will fail and not on the needs of individual children system wide.

It's another stept closer to choice and educational freedom.
Contact Sen. Hagood here.
View the bill's status here SB2167.

Sen. Hagood's got a better plan than Sen. John Ford's (D-Memphis) bill (and bill) which attempts to further restrict charter schools, and thus options, for the children in his district and ours.

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