Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Why not START here?

The Tennessee House, lead by its Democrat leaders, continues to coddle it's own despite their conviction by the people of felonies. The latest is their unwillingness to add to the punishment met out by the judicial system and strip them of their taxpayer funded health benefits.

When asked then about why not pass the bill if lawmakers shouldn’t commit felonies, Miller said legislators were being unfairly singled out.

[This from Rep. Larry Miller, D-Memphis, House Calendar and Rules Committee.]
“I think what you’re doing, your finger pointing at legislators only,” Miller said. “Why not pass the bill and apply it to all elected officials statewide and all appointed officials? Why not?” Nashville City Paper
Man, those Memphis legislators can be tight as ticks can't they? You have to wonder if Miller is really trying to be fair or if he's just scratching the back of John Ford the convicted former legislator from Memphis who is finally starting to serve his time.

Why not START with the legislature? Why not lead the way, Rep. Miller? Why not demonstrate your own willingness to live under the laws you propose for the rest of the elected?

Rep. Jason Mumpower R-Bristol, whose district couldn't BE further away from Memphis, is exactly right:
“There’s a simple way, a very, very, very simple way, for legislators to not have to worry about this bill — just don’t commit a felony,” Mumpower said in an interview. “It’s flabbergasting.”

UPDATE: Bill Hobbs makes a great point. He's "more interested in finding out for whom Naifeh and too many Democrats in the Democrat-controlled state House think the benefit should be continued in the future."

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