Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Gone before it got here

The largess graciously handed to the peasant classes by our congressional overlords appeared in the checking account this morning. We had every intention of saving this but it was essentially gone before it got here. Yesterday's bad news from our HVAC guys means every bit of it, and much more, will go toward buying and installing a new 2.5 ton heat pump.

I'm thankful for this money but I can't help but wonder about all the stuff Congress and the State Legislature deem more important than leaving our hard earned money in our own pockets. Particularly galling is the Governor's whining about how revenue's are down and all his grand plans for our money won't happen. He'll have to rewrite his budget because his own number crunchers thought the money well would never run dry--or at least not until the next administration. Gee, who would have ever thought that taxing cigarettes would discourage their purchase? However, because rank has its privileges he won't suffer much at all. The $13 million party bunker is still moving forward. We might have to do without but he and his legislative comrades still be able to party on.

Senate Speaker Ron Ramsey and other Republicans are among those who don't support a funding increase when so many cuts have to be made in other parts of the budget.

"I won't be OK with that because I just can't believe that we're going to be cutting half a billion dollars out of the budget and still funding new programs," Ramsey told reporters in Nashville last week. "If we were doing the same thing, he'd be calling us irresponsible for doing that." Tennessean

Hold the line, Lt. Governor. Somebody needs to be responsible. Somebody has to be the adult and say "No." Somebody has to realize that taxpayers may not have any more to give.

And don't overlook the seeding of the income tax clouds by State Representative Craig Fitzhugh, D-Ripley, chairman of the House Finance Committee who voted for it last go 'round:

"The general economic downturn across the country has affected us drastically on our state sales tax," he said. "It's a real critical situation as far as revenues go." Tennessean

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