Sunday, April 27, 2008

Acting responsibly

"I think, to me, it's a little irresponsible
to wait until someone commits a violent act
and then deport them,"
[Davidson County Sheriff Daron] Hall said.

That's the sentence in this morning's Tennessean that jumped out at me and very accurately sums up the situation for me. But he didn't go far enough. It's a LOT irresponsible to wait as the family of Donna and Sean Wilson know all too well. Sheriff Hall goes on to say:
"The person didn't follow immigration laws, driving laws and criminal laws, and that's reason enough to believe they will continue to not follow our laws.

He's exactly right. He gets it. I'm very thankful he gets it. I'm very thankful he's got this 287(g) program up and running in Davidson County. The federal government has failed to secure our border. Governor Bredesen has failed to secure our border. Thankfully, Sheriff Hall and Chief Ronal Serpas and their officers are doing what they can to stem the tide.

I understand that the circumstances these people came from could be very hard and hopeless. However, I don't believe that's the case for all of them.

I also know that the US being the relief value for corrupt and dictatorial governments doesn't really solve the problem in the long run. Enabling these immigrants to fix their own governments and economies which would allow them to stay with their families is a much better solution. But no one really talks about that. It's as if people completely overlook the real reason they 'had' to leave their families and enter the US illegally. If the frustration level of citizens escaping their home counties doesn't rise to the level of their own Boston Tea Party and they stay and fight for their homeland how will things ever change? They won't. The major changes will occur HERE, not there.

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