Friday, April 11, 2008

So which is it?

I get emails with news updates from the Nashville Post. This morning I clicked on the link for AC's new space at the Post and I got the following mixed message.

"[Article available without subscription]" and "The full article is only available to subscribers"

Haven't found enough cash in the couch cushions and car console to pay for a subscription yet and was really counting on that free access to AC's stuff.

UPDATE: AC says the link works now. Yippee!


Meredith said...

Oh, I hate that.

I was going to link to a Tennessean article by Ms. Cheap a few weeks ago, only to see it was also by fee.

Too bad for them! They should give free access to bloggers. After all, more links = more web advertising for them.

Kleinheider said...

Sorry Kay. What you saw was human error on my part forgetting to adjust the settings.

It should be accessible now. If not, please email me.

Kay Brooks said...

A way around the Tennesseaan's pay-for-article wall is to access the Tennessean archives through the public library. The Tennessean has gone back and forth about that pay wall but I think they're automatically archived after two weeks now. They can bring out from behind there though and have when I've specifically asked regarding an Inglewood article.

Kay Brooks said...

Thanks, AC. I figured it was something simple. Keep up the good work.