Wednesday, November 07, 2007

It's all about them

I'm pigging backing on Ben's post of yesterday where he pointed out the Davidson County Clerk's website.

Ben's highlighted a couple of political office holders that seem intent on making sure you know their name come election time and I've fussed about the Court Clerk website that contained more information about him than the court. I really do think that the title of the office should always get top billing and be in a much larger font than the name of the office holder. I'll grant you the days of being encouraged to write the personal name of the County Clerk on your checks has passed but we've still got a way to go, obviously. Perhaps we should insist that half the cost of signs like this come from the office holder's campaign funds.

UPDATE: Well, them and their friends. This shot of a County Clerk's window with business cards for a muffler repair shop, a junk car buyer and an auto detailer. It pays to have friends in the right places.

Is the city getting reimbursed for providing this advertising space?

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