Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Fundamental duh

Isn't this what the majority of Metro parents and taxpayers expected from MNPS all along?

Nashville’s public school district may soon consider adding principles of “fundamental schools” to its growing palette of educational options.
According to Garcia’s letter, fundamental schools are defined as family oriented schools with an “updated” back-to-basics approach — this can include increased emphasis on student personal responsibility, more stringent dress codes, and close working relationships between parents and teachers. City Paper
OK, maybe the dress code thing isn't on everyone's wish list, but certainly we can all agree on back-to-basics, student personal responsibility and parents and teachers partnering in the child's education as what should be normal for MNPS, not just another option.

And we could learn a lot more from the education reforms former Gov. Jeb Bush brought to Florida's public education system. Now there was an education governor. Don't stop at replicating Florida's fundamental schools. Throw open the doors and give parents some real choices.

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