Friday, November 02, 2007

Build a better shelter

Here's another group of people that it's forbidden to criticize without bringing down the wrath of the social engineers. Again, some basic common sense seems to be lacking.

On Wednesday the Nashville Homeless Power Project, a homeless advocacy group made up almost entirely of men and women who remain homeless, sent out a press release blasting the Nashville Rescue Mission, the single largest homeless shelter in the city, for what it called “horrible” conditions those seeking shelter at the mission are subject to. City Paper

Two comments:

1. Why are they still homeless? Shouldn't these homeless advocates lead by example? "Yeah, we used to be where you are, but here's how we improved our lot. You can too."
2. Why don't they start their own shelter and show us how it's done? Apparently they have the experience and know how---let's see them do it better.
“But our organizations have a different starting point. They are saying that those things are rights and entitlements, that they should be given to every homeless person, and the way to solve homelessness is to build houses at taxpayers’ expense. (Cliff Treadway of the Nashville Rescue Mission)
And taxpayer compassion will only go so far. Just a quick reading through the City Paper comments section will reveal that. I believe most taxpayers don't mind providing a hand up---it's the perpetual hand out that wears thin.
“So I would say that if we are successful, as some other cities have been, the mission will have some soul searching to do about can they transition away from programs that are shelter-oriented to be more long-term supportive housing type programs.” CM Erik Cole
Why can't we have both? Why can't the Rescue Mission continue its spiritually based emergency program and the NHPP create a 'long-term supportive housing type program'? If the NHPP model works better---then I expect the Rescue Mission folks are smart enough to recognize that and change accordingly. Or maybe, there's room for both.

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