Friday, November 02, 2007

Not in Your Back Yard

The problem with Phil Bredesen and wife, Andrea Conte's plan to install the Bredesen Bunker in the front yard of the governor's mansion is that well, it's not their home, it's not their front yard and it's not their neighborhood. They're just 'renting' if you will and neither she nor the Governor should make such a drastic change in a neighborhood they're not invested in. The house comes with the job and they, apparently, got the job, took one look at the government digs and said, "No, thanks. We'll stay in our own home."

I'll grant you that the mansion needed major rehabbing. I'm thankful that she's taken on the task. However, if the house isn't large enough for state functions--take them elsewhere. Nashville is loaded with facilities that could be utilized instead. I haven't yet heard any sort of convincing explanation as to why those commercial spaces or other state facilities are inadequate.

It'll take 16 months to complete, we're told. By then the Bredesen's will be short timers and Tennesseans will be seriously looking for the next 'renters'. Even if they're not living there, the Bredesen's need to be good neighbors and give up "Conservation Hall".

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