Monday, April 03, 2006

Information please

Why does Circuit Court Clerk Richard Rooker have an 'about' page on the Circuit Court's web site? Shouldn't that be an 'about the job' or 'about the court' page? Considering he's running for reelection this comes off as an inappropriate way to obtain votes. It's not a hidden page deep within personnel files, either. It's right there on the main Circuit Court navigation section. And don't overlook the Rooker name again at the top navigation line. Shouldn't that really attractive "Rooker Report" be renamed something less self-serving--unless, of course, he's paying for it.

And why aren't the actual judges listed? Knowing about Mr. Rooker and his personal life and accomplishments are more important than who the judges are?

I'm thinking the Circuit Court page ought to be more focused on the court. Something along the lines of the Chancery Court page for example. But I don't see the names of the Chancery Court judges there either.

I'm just a voter looking for information for the upcoming election who foolishly thought that she'd find the answers by checking the appropriate web pages. Well, at least there's a nice Rooker seal to look at.

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