Thursday, April 06, 2006

Mandisa's coming home! :-)

Last night our favorite Idol contestant, Mandisa, was voted off of American Idol. I can't say that I wasn't entirely surprised by this turn of events. Previously, we'd only been able to get in about twenty votes per episode. Tuesday night we managed 127. Something wasn't normal and I hated what that might indicate.

Like most of America our family only tuned into American Idol for the first few shows. It was hilarious to see some of those people try and make an impression on the judges and America. Often they did impress because we wondered "What were they thinking?" But months ago we got the word that this season we might want to watch a bit more closely. And so we did. We were thrilled that one of our own was participating and became faithful watchers. We weren't surprised to see the cameras taping a recent worship service at Mandisa's home church (with my hubby playing upright bass) and we actually bought the t-shirt saying "Mandisa is my American Idol. All hail the Diva."

Like Stevie Wonder and Barry Manilow, we know that she has an awesome voice. Each time she's been a part of our music team we've been encouraged by her. Kenny Rogers was right, she does have a sweet spirit. Not only can that girl sing--she can worship! And more importantly, she encouraged us to worship.

We're of two minds around here this reality morning. We're sad that she didn't win. Very sad. But we're also very thankful for the national exposure she did get (and that job offer from Manilow ain't shabby) and especially glad that she'll be coming home. She's been missed. It's been fun. I'm sure that her abilities will never be overlooked again.

And I'm willing to bet that she's "still believing God".

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Anonymous said...

Hello Kay,

Yes, I was VERY disappointed that Mandisa didn't make it.

What church do you go to?

Pam Hunter a.k.a hmschlmomto2
from TNHomeEd