Friday, April 07, 2006

MNPS School Board Elections

Kathy Nevill, Metro School Board Vice-Chairman, is not going to run for reelection this year according to this morning's City Paper.

Nevill has groomed Steve Glover, an involved parent and insurance broker by trade, to take her spot representing District 4. He will run unopposed in the Aug. 3 election.
Glover said he will focus his initial efforts on future graduation rates by ensuring students know how to read when they leave fourth grade and by enhancing middle school curriculum to better prepare students for high school.

I should think this should have been done all along. With a 50% graduation rate at McGavock somethings been done wrong for a long time. And, of course, the unanswered question is what's his plan beyond "initial efforts" as if the initial efforts weren't tough enough?

I don't know why, but I have been unable to find any election information at the MNPS website for weeks. It used to be there, years ago, but it's sure no where near obvious anymore. And the Metro Election Commission isn't of any help either. Why does the Chamber of Commerce have more info?

Districts 2, 4, 6 & 8 are all up for election. The rundown:

District 2 formerly held by George Blue who is resigning has three candidates: Terri Harris, Michael Kerstetter (a current councilman who will resign to run), and Joann Brannon.

District 4 formerly held by Kathy Nevil has Steve Glover as the unopposed candidate.

District 6 has Dr. Mebenin Awipi running for reelection and two or three other contenders, Duane Dominy, Karen Y. Johnson, according to the Tennessean (and additionally Lane Simpson according to the Chamber of Commerce.) This is when official election commission info would be very handy.

District 8 has Kathleen Harkey running for reelection and David Fox opposing her.

Get out there folks. Get to know the candidates. Ask them the hard questions. They're your children. It's your money. Make 'em account for every minute of those precious young lives under their care and for every dime they take from your families.

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George Rand said...

Looks like your distric's now going to be up too--how about it?